Jea Street, Jr. was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware and is committed to Artivism and music in the city.  Inspired by his family, the needs of the community, and high standards of artistic achievement set by great artists before him such as Duke Ellington, Donny Hathaway, and Quincy Jones, his goal is to be "making a living, making a difference".  Through these inspirations, a great new project was born, called "The Sit Down".  With this new album Jea takes music to a level of Artivism encouraging deeper questioning, more courageous conversations, and a call to action that has never been seen before.  His single "Teddy" comes along with a unique music video and a book that is sure to spark the actions and reactions our community desperately needs. 

Singer/songwriter Jea Street, Jr. was inspired to become a musician during his freshman year at Morehouse College when he joined the Morehouse College Glee Club.  Jea entered Morehouse as a pre-medicine major; but the power of music overtook him and lead him to drop all of his pre-med classes during his sophomore year to begin taking formal music classes for the first time.  After graduating from Morehouse with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Jea returned back home and studied musical theory and composition at the University of Delaware.  

Since finishing at the University of Delaware, Jea has been involved in many different facets of music.  He has sung professional operatic and broadway roles, produced a hip-hop album, and recorded several of his own projects.  Currently, Jea is a local teaching artist with the Wolf Trap Program, training Head Start teachers to integrate music into their curriculum.  He is the lead singer in two different bands, and is always willing to stretch himself to take music to the next level.  With his own music, Jea aspires to evoke change as he empowers both youth and community elders to communicate using the tools music can provide. 

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~Making a living , making a difference