Just My Thoughts

A New Genre 

 I’m going to create a new genre. There!!! I said it. Now, you can measure my character based off of me being able to accomplish this task.  I feel like America and the world needs a new genre. Hip-Hop isn’t dead, but I honestly don’t know what else that genre can do to grow. Like Jazz or Rock and Roll, there will always be artists creating music under those genres, but I don’t know where else the music as a whole has to go.  I want to see people dancing again. America and the world needs a new way to move…

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I only do my best when I have to...and that's bad. It's honestly the story of my life and as I look back upon my years it's embarrassing. I've realized that I'm fundamentally lazy which results in behavior that is fundamentally disrespectful towards the giant shoulders on which I stand. Deep down, despite the fact that I started music at a relatively late age, I know that I should have mastered AT LEAST one part of my craft. I should have complete control of either my voice, my piano, or composition. You…

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My Process 

For me, creating music is a puzzle...a spiritual experience, and it provides ventilation for my obsessive nature. Most musicians share common threads within their creative processes, but everyone is unique when you get into the overall experience of writing music. I've studied music composition formally, but I'm far from an expert on formal songwriting. I'm just here to share my unique process so that fans can get a glimpse into my crazy brain. 

I feel like my best work comes to me at 3:00am. There's a…

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