A New Genre

 I’m going to create a new genre. There!!! I said it. Now, you can measure my character based off of me being able to accomplish this task.  I feel like America and the world needs a new genre. Hip-Hop isn’t dead, but I honestly don’t know what else that genre can do to grow. Like Jazz or Rock and Roll, there will always be artists creating music under those genres, but I don’t know where else the music as a whole has to go.  I want to see people dancing again. America and the world needs a new way to move together. I’d love to see something similar to swing and salsa takeover the globe. We need couples dancing in night clubs. I’m not a dancer and I don’t know anything about it formally, but I know that grinding on a phat butt and twerking ain’t the same thing as salsa. And please don’t think I have a problem with twerking and grinding...I love it!! I love ratchet culture, but, just like McDonald’s it’s bad for your "health" and we need "healthy", artistic band dietary options. The big question is HOW?!?! I have no clue, BUT I do have some sounds in my head that are in the right direction. I do have a hazy vision that I intend to chase through the fog until it becomes clear. I want my genre to have some stank in the bass and drums, and some real sophistication in the chord progressions. I need thumping 808's in my music. I wanna see people dancing as I described above and I want it to be improvisational. The Sit Down was a mix of multiple genres within one project. I want those elements to be inside my new genre organically, but it still has to have its own unique identity. I know...what an arrogant and ignorant thought!?! WHO THE HELL DO I THINK I AM?!?! Nobody just up and creates a genre. What kind of an impossible mountain is this FOOL trying to climb? Well, here’s the deal. The Sit Down called me and I chased it down. It was a relative sprint to get that done, but when the vision hit I carved until it came to life. I have another vision and I’m ready to completely embarrass myself in the process of uncovering the full idea. Keep your ears peeled, people. Something is on the way and you MIGHT just like it. In the least you should watch just so you can laugh at me falling on my face in a feeble, arrogant effort????

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